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Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)

During the time of independence, India was behind the developed nation about technological and scientific advancement and research, especially in the field of space research. We'd neither infrastructure nor skills and experience. India had to depend on other nations of the world. Nevertheless, after independence, the country made great attempts to minimize its reliance on other countries and to become independent. Consequently, it developed capacity and an infrastructure largely commensurating needs. Now, India is pleased to have a reservoir of experience well knowledgeable about the latest advances in fundamental and applied space research. India has made great strides in exactly the world of technology and space and has implemented it successfully for its rapid evolution and for the evolution of society too.

Space research activities were supplied additional fillip with the setup of exactly the Space Commission and exactly the Department of Space by exactly the Government of India in 1972. The ISRO was introduced under the Department of Space the year. The year 70s marks the start of an age of experimentation in the background of the Indian space program. In these times, India carried on experimental satellite programs, namely Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Rohini, and Apple. The success of these programs caused the era of operational in the eighties by which operational satellite programs such as INSAT and Internal revenue service came into being. 

 INS AT and Internal revenue service are the major program of ISRO. India has today, robust launch vehicle program, with the aid of which it can launch spacecraft indigenously. The program is mature enough to offer launch services to exactly the outside world. ANTRIX, exactly the commercial arm of exactly the space division, is concerned with India's space services globally. The company is also providing various Internal revenue service-specific software and hardware items. The company has successfully executed several export orders received from major spacecraft\/satellite manufacturers for spacecrafts\/satellite systems, assemblies, and components. The successful launch of GSLV FOl throughout the year 2004-05, is the most critical milestone in the background of the Indian Space Program.
ISRO moon Mission

The first operational flight of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle successfully positioned the 1950 kg EDLISAT in a predetermined Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit that is indeed a feather in India's cap. Undoubtedly, this accomplishment Unequivocally speaks of India's mounting advancement from the arena of space research. The INSAT system is among the biggest domestic communication satellite systems in exactly the Asia- Pacific region. Whilst the Internal revenue service is the world's biggest constellation of civilian remote sensing satellites providing imagery at exactly the federal and global level. Currently, it is made up of 6 satellites IRS-IC, IRS-ID, OCEANS, TES, and RESOURCES AT. The INSAT system is a multi-purpose satellite system offering services to telecoms, TV broadcasting, weather forecasting, disaster warning, and search and rescue fields. The INSAT system occupies a prominent place in the space program.

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