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True Friendship And Love

In a world filled with Films Such as Bridget Jones and the City love is seen as the Holy Grail. We observe women and men whose lives seem to revolve around falling in love, the fall of love and back. This is not true for many people, there are types of love that are as critical, and significant as love. This does present an issue - how do we know love? Love means different things to different people. For most, there's a strong element of physical attractiveness involved. Love's element is a factor for a lot of people in their pursuit of love. 

Many find that when the lust element of their relation fades they begin to feel only a friendship with their partner spouse. Frequently by this time, it's too late, and individuals might settle for companionship with their partner as opposed to having true romantic love. Did you ever hear of a spark'? Having a spark with someone can be the defining factor for intimate love. Do you feel a tingle when you are with that person? Do you excite and entertain you? Do they make you happy? Certainly, the rush of love does last, but it. Since being and falling in love is such a single yourself, who made you happy and that made you feel excited the odds are you matter, it is not possible to provide yourself, who made you happy and that made you feel excited the odds are you are.

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