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Artificial Intelligence(AI)

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Exactly just what is Artificial Intelligence(AI)? Artificial Intelligence(AI) is essentially the science and engineering of making smart machines computer applications. Humans have fascinated us. Researchers are creating programs and systems that may mimic human ideas and try doing things that humans can perform. Intelligence is a combination of physiology, computer science, and philosophy. Artificial Intelligence (AI)has come a considerable way from the old days. The technology was eventually available and seemed to excite intelligent behavior. Theory and the insights will set a trend in the upcoming. The products with Artificial Intelligence(AI) are simply the start of the trend. There are very different approaches and methods that are being utilized in Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Considers or two methodologies are top-down methods and bottom-up. The bottom-up theorists think that the best way to attain the AI is by constructing electronic replicas like the human brain's complicated network of neurons, whereas down the top theorists think in mimicking the human brain's behavior with computer applications. Artificial intelligence(AI) research is extremely technical and specialized. Artificial Intelligence's(AI) research relies on two lines. One line relies on the biological believing at which Artificial Intelligence(AI) is predicated on the idea of human thought and that system ought to work like how humans think. The 2nd line is about phenomenal that is predicated on formalizing common sense and facts on the planet.

Somehow both the researches intersect and might succeed eventually. With the input of Artificial Intelligence(AI), it's anticipated that a lot of the issues, the machines are expected to resolve and that would require an in-depth knowledge of the world. Lots of knowledge in a variety of aspects have to be acquired to get this knowledge for an AI to function properly. The prediction of the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is vast. That is a very common subject both in science fiction and projections on the future society and technology.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) for people in a Computer

The easiest way to think about Artificial Intelligence(AI) is in the context of the human after all humans are the most intelligent creatures. Here is a broad branch of computer science the goal of a high is to create systems that can function in plug family and independently humans can speak and listen to communicate through line this is a field of speech recognition much of speech recognition this traditionally based hands it's called statistical learning humans can write and read text in a language this is a field of an earlier natural language a thing humans can see what their eyes and process what they see this is a field of computer vision  falls under the symbolic way for computer so process and from recently there has been another way which I'll come to the later humans recognize recognizes scene around them through their eyes which create images of that world this field of image processing which even though is now directly related to a is required for a computer vision human skin understand their environment and more.?

What is the field of Robotics?

Humans can see patterns such as the grouping of like objects this is the field of pattern the machines are even better a pattern recognition because they can use more data and dimensions of data. This is a field of robotics or artificial intelligence(AI). Now let's talk about the human brain is a network of neurons and we use these to learn things, we can replicate the structure and the function of the human brain we might be able to get cognitive capability these in robotics, This is a field of neural networks these networks are more complex and deeper and we use those to learn complex things. Robotics is a field of deep learning there are different types of deep learning in machines which are essentially different techniques to replicate what the human brain does if we get and I work to scan images from left to right top to bottom it's a convolutions neuron network.

How Does Artificial Intelligence(AI) work in Now vs Future?

They said is used to recognize objection has seen this is health computer vision fits in an object recognition is accomplished through a day humans can remember the past like which he had for dinner last night well at least most of them all we can yet the neural network to remember limited past this is a recurrent here a network as you see there are two ways to my works one is symbolic age and another is data based for the database side of Robotics. we need to feed the computer lots of data before we can learn for example with he had lots of data for sales. Worse is advertising and you can plot that data to see some kind of a pattern if the computers and learn this pattern then it can make predictions based on what it has learned while one or even three dimensions is easy for humans to understand and learn Artificial Intelligence(AI) can learn in many more dimensions like in hundreds of thousands that's why machines can look at lots of high dimensional data and determined packers wanted learned these patterns that can make predictions that humans can given come close to looking use all these machine learning techniques to do one of two things classification or prediction as an example when you use some information about customers to the sign new customers with a group like young adults than you are classifying that customer if you use data to predict if they're likely to the fact to a competitor then you're making a prediction there is another way to think about learning algorithms used for the if you trained an algorithm with data that also contain see answer then it's called super vice learning then the Artificial Intelligence(AI) convert into super High configurational AI for fututre example when you're training a machine to recognize your friends by name you'll need to identify them for the computer if you train and all of them would data when you want the machine to figure out the patterns then it's a super vice learning, for example, you might they feed the data about celestial objects in the universe and expect it from the Artificial Intelligence(AI) to come up with power in their data.

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