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Application of Artificial Intelligence In Computer Network ( Cyber Security)


With additional devices being introduced to the company network, enterprises face an onslaught of cyber security challenges as constant threats have become way more subtle and prevailing. The prospect of information breaches, loss of sensitive knowledge, or network crashes forces firms to implement security measures and build cyber security methods to safeguard digital assets and maintain with—if not get ahead of—hackers and alternative cyber criminals.

As enterprises understand that cyber threats are too nice to manage while not advanced technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is being introduced to watch networks, manage risks, find threats, and identify fraud. The marketplace for AI in security is predicted to succeed in quite $35 billion by 2024. While there's an apparently endless variety of solutions 

  1. accessible addressing all manner of threats 
  2. period threat detection
  3. malware detection and
  4.  software-vulnerability detection

These are 3 areas that show nice promise for enterprise security.

Real-Time Threat Detection:-

AI’s ability to manage huge amounts of information quicker than any human has helped enterprises defend themselves from potential cyber-attacks. By recognizing anomalies in behavior patterns of individuals, data, applications or devices, enterprises are stopping attacks well before they begin. info analyzed by AI may be collected for historical regard to any find patterns that might indicate future potential attacks. In essence, the system gets additional intelligent over time, which will increase its effectiveness and worth.

Malware Detection:-

Malware, like botnets, ransomware, and crypto-miners is compromising network security and overwhelming laptop resources with the installation of back doors or scraping knowledge. By analyzing knowledge and recognizing events that aren’t thought of traditional, (i.e. a spike in power consumption nightly between the time of day and four a.m.), AI permits enterprises to find and stop malware at once by motility down any uncommon activity and quarantining unrecognized apps. Also, AI will “learn” from older malware codes to find new or mutated versions of malware, any protective organizations when cyber threats evolve.

Software Vulnerability Detection:-

A growing variety of firms are adopting practices to deliver applications and services at higher velocities, giving them a bonus over competitors. By sharing and emotional info quicker than ever, the chance of errors in code will increase, resulting in vulnerabilities within the package. However, guaranteeing code is error-free may be a near-impossible task for humans to accomplish – what would take developers weeks, AI will do accurately in minutes.

Cyber Threats Adapt and Evolve and The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

As cyber threats adapt and evolve, thus do AI technology and enterprise security. By augmenting the work of cyber security professionals and filling the gaps in current IT security methods, AI is giving enterprises the ability to safeguard themselves against cyber threats and bolster their security efforts.
 At the Shanghai exposition Center in China, hosting the 2019 World computer science Conference, Elon Musk and Jack Ma began proceedings with a 45-minute discussion around the risks and potential rewards related to computer science whereas conjointly discussing Mars, work culture and chimpanzees among alternative topics.

Elon Musk And Jack Ma Discuss About AI in  Cybersecurity At The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 


Elon Musk, the technical school enterpriser and Tesla business executive, changed views on-stage with Jack Ma, Chinese rich person and co-founder of the international conglomerate Alibaba cluster, over the risks and edges of computer science.

"Does AI mean to love? there is sort of a name, AI, it form of sounds a small amount like love?" began Musk to that Ma divertingly replied "Yeah AI...I hate the word AI referred to as computer science. I decision it Alibaba intelligence."

Both leaders had completely different opinions on the implications of the technology wherever optimistic Ma the same that he did not take into account AI to be a threat, "I do not know, man, that is like, known last words," replied Musk. in line with the Tesla business executive, most of the people think about AI sort of a good human however he same it's getting to be way more than that. "It'll be abundant smarter than the best human."

How to Protect the Computer Network with the help of Artificial Intelligence

He any highlighted AI's capability to be abundant smarter than humans by speech that "the biggest mistake that I see computer science researchers creating is assumptive that they are intelligent. Yeah, they are not, compared to AI. then like, a great deal of them cannot imagine one thing smarter than themselves, however, AI is going to be immensely smarter—vastly."

Jack Ma, meanwhile, attributable Elon with having a vision regarding technology and the same that he's not a "tech guy" as he is "all regarding life" and thinks that AI can open a brand new chapter sanctionative individuals to grasp themselves higher. "99.99 % of the predictions that people, in general, had in history regarding the future—all wrong," same Ma to that Musk responded, "Including that one?"

Talking regarding technology that is dynamical at an "incredibly fast" rate, Musk the same that "it is outpacing our ability to grasp it," and he wasn't positive if that was sensible or dangerous. He any commented on "humanity" may be a "biological boot loader for digital superintelligence."

When asked by Ma regarding his curiosity for Mars, Musk the same that he thinks it absolutely was "important for the United States of America to require the set of actions that are possible to continue consciousness into the long run... where are the aliens? this can be the Fermi contradiction. this can be one in every of the foremost vital queries. why we've got not found any aliens? There are individuals out there who assume we've found aliens. Trust me, I might grasp. we've got not."

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Our Jobs In Future

Commenting on AI's role as a force permanently in reducing work hours, Ma the same that AI would facilitate produce new types of jobs that need less of our time. "I assume individuals ought to work 3 days per week, four hours every day," which in computer science, individuals would be ready to survive for a hundred and twenty years.

With the controversy lasting over forty-five minutes, the executives touched on education systems, disagreed over machines outsmarting humans and ended that population collapse was the largest drawback the globe round-faced over the consecutive twenty years.

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