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Edu-Right is a multi-award winning blended-learning platform recognized for Electrical and electronics, space science & science facts excellence and aligned with curricula across INDIA. Serving educators for almost thirty years, Edu-Right drives student engagement, saves teachers valuable time, and, most importantly, helps students understand and appreciate the critical world of science! Our interactive resources have encouraged millions of students across the globe to promote learning, and they can do the same for your students!


Resources on Edu-Right are researched and focus on the fantastic scientific facts to ensure maximum student and teacher benefits.

Edu-Right is the go-to to cover topics such as:

  •  knowledge facts such as Electrical and electronics,(robotics, Artificial Intelligence,  information modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence)
  • space science
  • Design thinking, innovation
  • Computational thinking, robotics, Artificial Intelligence,  information modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Space and astronomy
  • We create a bunch of new things for you to check go our How-To Page. 

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Best of all, we've got packages designed to meet your needs and budget. As a non-profit, we're passionate about making a tribute to all scientists that drive student performance, and are high quality, reliable! Click here for more information, or feel free to contact us via our contact us page

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